Monday, 16 March 2009

Real Wedding - I

Some of the best inspiration available to women (and men) planning a wedding comes from photo's of real weddings! That is why on a fortnightly basis I am going to feature a picture board of photo's from a real wedding.
I hope you get some wonderful ideas from this and if you do use any of the ideas I would love to hear from you!

Mr & Mrs *Flowerfairy* - The Wizard of Oz Wedding

I especially love the centerpieces...

I love vintage clothing and jewellery so it was natural for me to go with the vintage feel for my dress etc The rest just fell into place really! I wanted to create a make-believe feel for the day and hang on to the imagination I had as a child. It is so easy to get bogged down with real life as an adult that we tend to forget how magical things can be, so using the 'The Wizard of Oz' theme for my tables was the obvious solution!! I LOVE the Wizard of Oz and it reminds me of my childhood, unfortuanately both my parents are no longer here so it reminded me of them too. My husband loved the idea so I was given "permission" to go ahead! All of our guests had fond memories of the film and we tried to seat guests on appropriate tables i.e. two of Pauls workmates are about 5' 6" so naturally they went on the munchkin table! (ha ha) Guests were all trying to work out the relevance of why they were sat where they were. I did have to out the Wicked Witch though as I didnt trust myself! :-) The top table was of course the Emerald City! Mrs Flowerfairy

What a FANTASTIC and unique idea for a wedding, it really illustrated the bride and grooms personality and captured the imagination of the guests. Who doesn't love 'The Wizard of Oz?'


  1. Oh that is wonderful -
    I'd have loved a theme like that for our wedding (we didn't have a theme)
    Nic x

  2. Just wonderful! What a great theme. I had a good craft party, thanks for asking, Sarah x