About Me

"Without mystery, Magic disappears”

Cecil Beaton - Academy Award winning stage and costume designer.

I’ve always enjoyed visiting the bygone era, trawling antique shops, flea markets, charity shops and the odd root at a car boot sale. I was sure to find something wonderful whether it was a broken piece of rhinestone jewellery, a torn piece of hand dyed silk, a box of odd buttons or an old postcard. Each piece had a story to tell and as I wondered where it came from and imagined the people who once owned it, I also dreamed about is potential and who may ultimately love it again.

It was from these dreams and the four words above by Cecil Beaton, that I decided to be the one to give these items a new life and turn them into something truly magical and so in 2009 My Wedding Party was born.

I began by incorporating vintage items into wedding accessories - a rhinestone brooch on a lace covered guest book, a paste earring on a silk garter, an old vintage image on a favour or card. Now over one year later as I have evolved and with thanks to my wonderful wedding couples and their requests I have built up a collection of wedding items I hope you will love.
From an early age I have lived in a mess an organised mess but a mess nonetheless - I put this down to my artistic streak! I was so much happier at school in the clutter and confusion of the art room than being sat down and talked to about Kings and Queens in History. I now contain my mess to one room in the house, the cellar, this is my haven and I love the security of being surrounded by ribbons and papers and the smell of vintage books!

I got married in December 2008 to my wonderful husband Tony and we have a 3 year old son Max, who you will see modeling my Top Hats in ‘Finishing Touches’ he has of course road tested all of My Wedding Parties children’s items and he loves them!

Planning and designing my own wedding had helped me immensely in understanding your wedding needs. I was a bridezilla of the highest order and wanted everything to be better than perfect; therefore I am well equipped to ensure you achieve your dream wedding.