Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Wedding Book

I stumbled across 'The Wedding Book' dating back to 1958 at a recent antiques fair I visited. It really is an absolutly facinating read and over time I will share most if it's fabulous anecdotes with you but right now I am going to share my favourite quotes taken from the article...

'Being a Beautiful Bride' by Elizabeth Anderson

Every girl wants to look her most beautiful for this, her Day of Days...but beauty doesn't grow on trees, it is the result of careful planning weeks in advance until, finally, she is ready to step forth with all the fresh loveliness of a young spring flower.

Start planning your beauty routine well in advance and begin by taking a long and critical look at yourself in a full-length mirror. If there are any inches you could well do without you have time to take yourself in hand.

Have your hair expertly cut and choose a style that not only compliments the design of your headdress but is easily adaptable for going away. If your hair is fine, a soft perm will give it body and make it well-mannered on the "Great Day" but a word of warning...don't leave this
till the day before the wedding, or you might find you have to battle with heartbreaking frizz

'Beauty doesn't grow on trees,' 'you could well do without' and 'well-mannered'
Sounds just like something my Nan would say!!

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