Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lace, Pearls and Vintage Treasure Guest Books

HOT GOSSIP!! Very excited to have just finally commissioned a professional logo, it's work in progress so watch this space!!
Anyway here is s sneak preview of the latest additions to My Wedding Party.

They are the brainchild of my wonderful Mum and all beautifully handmade ready to be personalised...

Guest Book & Wedding Album Set

Both the Guest Book and the Album are held together with a wonderful thick satin ribbon and decorated on top with some beautiful lace pinched in the centre and embellished with a 1950's vintage treasure.

The words 'Guest Book' and 'Wedding Album' then finish each piece, handwritten in silver.

Guest Book

This Guest Book is held together with a thick cream satin ribbon and decorated on top with beautiful thick piece of vintage style lace and randomly hand sewn Swarovski pearls.

It's just waiting to be personalised!!

Wedding Albums

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