Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hello and Welcome

I just wanted to say HELLO and WELCOME to all my lovely new followers from the Craft Forum, and in response to my wingy thread "Ever Feel Like No One Reads You Blog"...

I do hereby swear to blog more/often, keep it interesting, add some personal bits (for you nosey buggars) and comment on other bloggers blogs!!

So anyway, I now need all your help!?!?

I have this fabulous postcard in my collection and I would love to incorporate it into a cute Page Boy Card. Now where you guys come in is I want a really funky slogan / caption to suit the little boys facial expression and I am all out of inspiration!

The prize for the best 'caption' will be a selection box of vintage style tags (see shop for examples) and the card once it has been made!!

Caption It...


  1. Look forward to reading some more posts then! I think the little boys got the look of '... but she said she'd marry me when I was old enough'!

  2. William still maintained he was a little over-dressed for his trials with Millwall Under 8s

  3. 'When you said you were having a vintage inspired wedding, I didn't realise you would go THIS far...'

  4. If you're going to make me dance with Cicily I'm not going to put my trousers on!