Monday, 4 May 2009

Wedding Traditions - I - Sixpence For Her Shoe

A Sixpence For Her Shoe...

The sixpence is an English coin first minted in the reign of Edward VI, it has been associated with weddings since the reign of Elizabeth I when in those times the Lord of the Manor where the bride lived would often present a sixpence as a wedding gift.

As time passed the tradition changed and it became the custom for the bride's parent to give the coin as a gift. It was not however until Victorian times that the present day custom evolved to that of giving a sixpence as a lucky charm to bring wealth and happiness to the married couple.

"...when the bride is completely ready to make her way from her home, she would take the sixpence from the bag on her garter and place it in her left shoe. She would walk a full circle and at the same time make a wish for her wealth. She would then take the sixpence out of the shoe and replace it in the bag. She must never look back but continue to walk through the door to marry her husband-to-be ..."

I currently have over 100 sixpences ranging from 1945 - 1967 and I am in the process of designing both a small bag that can be attached to a garter (as per the true tradition) and a foolproof way of attaching the sixpences to the bridal shoe, so WATCH THIS SPACE!!
In the meantime if you want a sixpence from a particular year or you want it presented in a certain way then please do not hesitate to contact me I am sure we can accomodate!!


  1. I would like a 1948 and 1950 sixpence if you have them, Jean

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