Thursday, 2 April 2009

A Twinkle and a Sparkle

Wow, it feels like forever since I last ‘blogged’ - my computer has had a horrid virus, it’s been coughing a spluttering all over the place, so I've kept away!! I tell you what though not having a computer doesn’t half free up some time, time which I have used to catch up on my housework. My washing and ironing is up to date, the floors and windows have been washed and I’ve even had dinner on the table for when hubby gets home from work everyday, he thinks it’s Christmas!!

Anyway, I’m very excited because I have just had a parcel delivered and it’s all the bits I ordered last week to get cracking on some new jewellery. I’ve ordered everything to make some earings, necklaces and bracelets; I have also ordered a silver chain for a stunning pendant I found at a flea market. I have cleaned the pendant up and managed to find some matching earings in an antique shop, so I am very excited to make a proper set out of it!! As you can tell with all the exclamation marks I am very excited about it all so WATCH THE SPACE!!

Finally, above is the newest tiara I have added to my collection; it has a lovely 1950’s diamante brooch on the right hand side and the band is covered with diamantes. When it is on you will not believe how much it *twinkles* and *sparkles* it is truly stunning.

One day I will get my hair done up nice and I will model the tiara's so you can see what they look like on!

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