Saturday, 7 March 2009

New Designs

Just thought I would quickly add a couple of my newest tiara design's before bedtime!!

The observant ones among you will see that the brooch used on the second picture is actually the same one from the hair comb in my first ever blog. I decided to take this original comb apart as I wasn't overly happy with the quality - it was my first ever attempt so it was never going to be perfect! - and I have made this tiara instead. I am actually really please with it!

These are the first two design's in my 'Without Mystery, Magic Disappears' collection.


  1. Oooh those are beautiful :)

  2. Hi, I'll try again LOL, love your blog and I think your work is gorgeous. All the best

    Jan x

  3. Hiya!! Really enjoyed visiting your blog, great posts and lots of eye candy!! I shall return. Mandy x