Monday, 9 March 2009

Chocolate Suprise

Evening All,

I have just sat down after finished making my Mum's birthday present for tomorrow and I am desperate to show it off!!

I have decided against the standard book / DVD and I thought I would be creative and make something she (and I) would thoroughly enjoy!! So here it is...

A selection of her favourite truffles, including white chocolate with lemon, milk chocolate and hazelnut, bitter milk chocolate and milk chocolate coated in white chocolate.

Hubby just pinched one and said, and I quote, 'there better than the ones we buy in Brugge' So I am really pleased, especially as this is my first ever attempt at making truffles! I don't know why I haven't made them before as I had so much fun, especially the cleaning up afterwards (I didn't lick the bowl I promise).

Anyway when I was putting it all together it made me think how nice it would be as a centerpiece at a wedding. One of these in the center of each table, maybe on a mirror plate or a piece of vintage lace with drapped pearls and vintage bits and bobs dotted around!

When I got married I actually had a 'Chocolate Themed' wedding and I wished I had thought of this then! For those who are interesed my 'Chocolate Theme' included...
  • Hot Chocolate & Baileys as a welcome drink
  • Chocolate favours
  • A Chocolate Shop (instead of a cake)

I'll show you the pictures some time!



  1. Ooh they look yummy, your mum will love them, much nicer than a book!

    Jan x

  2. Those truffles look to die for, well done on making something different for your Mum. Made with love.

  3. Hot chocolate and Baileys - my kind of heaven and those truffles look very tasty!