Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Beginning...

Well, here goes my first blog...

My name is Sam and ‘My Wedding Party’ is a company my mum and I are in the process of setting up, our business concept will become clear in time, but whilst the ‘i’s’ are being dotted and ‘t’s’ are being crossed it is all TOP SECRET! We do hope to be formally up and running by late summer 2009 and I promise I will keep you updated. So before I let the cat out of the bag I’m going to change the subject and fill you in on what I want my blog to achieve in the meantime.

First of all I got married in December 2008, so I still like to think of myself as a newlywed – I do sometimes wonder how long I can call myself that?!?!? Anyway I, like lots of women, absolutely loved planning my wedding and I have many a scrapbook of wedding ideas and hundreds of fabulous websites saved in my favourites folder that I would love to share with as many ‘brides to be’ as possible. So I thought here would be a fantastic place to share some inspiration.

Secondly, over the last few months I have been turning my hand at some jewellery making. I am in the early days of it and as of yet I have only fully made two bridal hair combs and one tiara. But I thought this would be a great place to showcase my work and hopefully get some feedback.

Bespoke Vintage Hair Comb
Vintage hair comb made using a 1950's domed pink brooch, encrusted with pearls and crystal beads. This is a one off bespoke design.

Bespoke Vintage Hair Comb
Bespoke vintage hair comb with a beautiful hand painted floral brooch with a large glittering blue stone. It is encrusted with pearls and swarovski crystals. Your something blue!

Bespoke Vintage Tiara
Vintage style tiara encrusted with swarovski pink pearls and swarovski crystal beads. This is a one off bespoke design.

Well thats all for tonight!! I hope you visit again and I hope you enjoy the journey with me!!



  1. Lovely jewellery! And looking forward to lots of fabulous inspiration! xx

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  3. Sam, What a great idea and I wish you all the best of luck with your new venture!

    Beautiful jewellery btw.

    Blogging is nearly as addictive as yayw - enjoy!